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Care Tips

How do I make my flowers last longer?

When you receive your bouquet, they are wrapped with moist cotton to keep the flowers well hydrated for the day.To enjoy your flowers to their maximum vase life,
  1. Gently remove the packaging from the bouquet.
  2. Give the stems a nice fresh cut at an angle for approximately 2cm.
  3. Place them in a vessel of cool and clean water (slightly less than half of the glass), away from direct heat or sunlight.
  4. Remove all the lower leaves. Make sure there are no leaves in the water because they decay much faster underwater. Decaying leaves will create bacteria that will spoil your flowers.
  5. Change the water every 2 days or if the water gets cloudy, giving a fresh cut each time.
  6. When a flower begins to wilt, remove it from the bouquet. Flowers bloom and wilt at different times. Hence remove wilted flowers to avoid spreading of bacteria to other flowers.
  7. Add flower food into the vase from the sachet. Flower food can increase the flowers-life.
Alternatively, you may dry your flowers by hanging your bouquet upside down.